Green Prez hopeful Jesse Johnson files with FEC


The Committee to Elect Jesse Johnson formally filed with the FEC today to officially establish Jesse Johnson as a candidate for President of the United States from the Green Party.

Johnson, up until recently the Chairman of the Mountain Party, the Green Party affiliate in West Virginia, delayed filing until this time as he was engaged in securing the ballot line for the Greens in that state. Lawmakers in West Virginia threatened to unlawfully withhold the ballot line due to the Mountain and Green Parties having dissimilar names – a practice which was not applied when considering, for example, the Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota.

In accordance with the opinion as cited by the Secretary of State, Johnson would have been the only Green candidate able to run for President in West Virginia, due to his status in the Mountain Party. “In acting as he did, Jesse Johnson placed his party before himself,” said co-campaign manager Joel Brown.

Jesse and his entire campaign staff are enthusiastic to hit the campaign trail.

“Having fulfilled my promise to deliver our West Virginia ballot line, I look forward to running a vigorous and transformational campaign for President with the Green Party emphasizing party growth and expansion,” Johnson, a seasoned campaigner and candidate for Governor of West Virginia in 2004 and U.S. Senator in 2006, said. “Green values are the values of American citizens. I intend to gain their votes by defending our Constitution and our environment passionately, protecting the jobs and families of working-class Americans through sensible trade and health care policies, and ending not only the war in Iraq, but war as a means of foreign policy as well as the unforgivable bedrock of our economy.”

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