NY Republicans learn to say “Impeachment”

For a short time in New York, our Republican State Legislators were wagging the finger of impeachment at Governor Spitzer if he did not resign quick enough. And I agree with my co-editor that resigning was indeed called for.  But it’s a shame these Republican legislators are blind to the other crimes requiring

But now that the topic of impeachment is in the news, if not the table of the spineless Democrats in Congress, we should return to the discussion of why the current presidential administration should also be impeached. After Rabbi Michael Lerner does a number of unseemly contortions in an OpEdNews article to explain why soon-to-be-former Governor Spitzer is relatively less unethical, Lerner finally gets us back to the case for impeaching Bush & Co:

The President of the U.S. and the Vice President, working in concert with several other high ranking officers of our government, lied and distorted to get us involved in a war that has led to the death of over a million Iraqis, the displacement of 3 million more, the death of 4,000 Americans and the wounding of tens of thousands more. After token opposition in Congress, our elected representatives have overwhelmingly passed budgets funding this war, rather than refuse to fund any military projects until the President stopped the war and withdrew the troops.

Meanwhile, our government has overtly engaged in torture, wiretapping of our phones, and violation of our human rights and the rights of people around the world.

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