Mike Gravel on Ron Paul & Jesse Johnson

from Reason:

Gravel took me over to a corner and quieted down. “I don’t say this in public, but I’m more libertarian than Ron Paul. I took that article over to him this last week—we met for the first time. And the article’s got that section with the top libertarian issues. Gambling, choice, immigration. Ron looks at the list and points at each of the issues. ‘I’m not for that, I’m not for that, I’m not for that.’ He was against half of the things on the list! And I’m for all of those things.”

I asked Gravel about the reports he was going Green and endorsing a Green Party candidate for president. Half of that is true. “I’m still running,” he said. “I just endorsed Jesse Johnson to give him a leg up over Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader.” But hadn’t Nader introduced Gravel at the 2007 TBA Conference? “Oh, yeah. He talked for 30 minutes and I got 15 minutes.” Was Gravel raw that Nader started running even though the candidate he endorsed was still in the race? “Ralph Nader is Ralph Nader,” Gravel shrugged. “I don’t think he’s going to be elected president, but he’d be a good advisor to a president.”

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