Fantasy Convention

Loved this blog post about potential outcomes at the Democratic Convention. Green Party members all over the country are doing the same kind of brainstorming and strategizing related to rounds of delegate voting at our own Green Party Presidential convention…

I’m Totally Burnt Out on the Presidential Campaign

March 27th, 2008 by MARK DANIELS

It looks like I’m not the only one.The way I see it, on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton cannot win the nomination and is unelectable…too many negatives…and Barack Obama has been rendered equally toxic by the Jeremiah Wright debacle. But those uncommitted superdelegates just might save the day for Dems, after all.Here’s how: The superdelegates could remain uncommitted through the first ballot of the convention. Neither Obama or Clinton would then have enough votes to win, freeing their delegates to go elsewhere on the second ballot. The sd’s, ostensibly leaders of the party, then could reveal their choice, maybe Bill Richardson or Joe Biden. The convention could spend a ballot or two moving in that direction and then, after nominating the sd choice, give the vice presidential nomination to, say, Dianne Feinstein…

It isn’t likely to happen. But, to quote the Animals, “we’ve gotta get out of this place” and this scenario may be the only thing to free us from this crazy, nasty, brutish campaign…

Until then, as it relates to the presidential campaign, I’m tempted to go on sabbatical. Maybe I’ll go to Australia.

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