Greens win early 2008 Elections

The 2008 election year has begun and so far the Green Party has 3 victories and on April 1 there are 20 races in contention. We currently have 235 elected Greens in the U.S. Green Party of the United States has set a goal of running over 1000 races in 2008 and achieving ballot status in as many states as possible. The Green Party is currently recognized in 21 states with Arizona likely the 22nd.On March 3, 2008 – Jill Stein won her re-election to Lexington Town Meeting Seat Precinct 2 in Middlesex County, MA. She finished second out of thirteen candidates for eight seats.

On March 18 David Doonan (GPUS Web-manager) won his race for Mayor of the Village of Greenwich, NY. The CCC supported this race and made a financial contribution through GPUS to his campaign.

Also on March 18 Roger Sherman won a seat as Trustee for Schuylerville, NY, located in Saratoga County. He ran unopposed in a partisan race.

On April 1 we have several races. We are running twenty races in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. Eleven of these are incumbents running for re-election. They include:

In Massachusetts:

Robert Crowner for Town Meeting Member
Frank Gatti (I) is running for re-election for Town Meeting Member
Eleanor Manire-Gatti for Town Meeting Member
Vincent O’Connor (I) is running for re-election for Town Meeting Member

In Wisconsin:

Robert Browne for Board of Supervisors
David Conley for Board of Supervisors
Greg David for Board of Supervisors
Bobby Gifford for County Board
John Hardin (I) is running for re-election to Board of Supervisors
John Hendrick (I) is running for re-election to Board of Supervisors
Kathryn Kienholz for County Board
Eric Krszjzaniek for County Board
Wyndham Manning for Board of Supervisors
Al Matano for Board of Supervisors
Jeff Peterson (I) is running for re-election to Board of Supervisors
John Rendall (I) is running for re-election to Board of Supervisors
Kyle Richmond (I) is running for re-election to Board of Supervisors
Robert Ryan (I) is running for County Board
Barbara Vedder (I) is running for re-election to Board of Supervisors
Annie Woodward for County Board

You can learn more about these candidates at:


Ballot Access struggle continues in Hawaii

The Ballot Access Committee this past week approved a disbursement of $2,000 to the Green Party of Hawaii to assist with their ballot drive. They have decided to call in Charlie Howe, our crack petitioner, who once upon a time was a door to door salesman in Hawaii! While the signature requirement there is low on paper – under 700 – the Secretary of State in Hawaii is notorious for throwing out 70% + of all signatures, so 2,500-3,000 signatures are needed to be safe. Further complicating the situation is that getting from one island to another requires a flight that’s $100+ round-trip, and much of our core base is on less populated islands while 70% of the population is on Oahu. What looked like an easy situation on paper proved to be difficult in practice, but we should be able to make it. Their deadline is April 3, and once they secure ballot access, it’ll be good for 10 years before they have to petition again.

Ballot drives are also known to be underway in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. Texas can’t start circulating yet, and North Carolina we’re hoping for a favorable ruling in court.

After Hawaii, the next deadlines are for big states with bigger requirements, esp. North Carolina, Texas, Georgia and Virginia. We need more money to be able to do something for these states and the states that follow. Please let your state parties know that GPUS is making a difference on the Ballot Access front, and we need support from Greens across the country to be able to do more!

The Green Party plans to run 1,000 candidates, from the municipal to federal level this year – more Green Candidates than ever before. Our Ballot Access Committee is working with state Green Parties to make sure the voters can vote Green on their ballot in all 51 states this year.

Live Green Vote! Green! Green Party
Convention in Chicago July 10-14
The 2008 Green Party of the United States Presidential Nominating Convention and Annual Meeting is being held in Chicago IL from July 10-14th. The headquarter hotel being the Palmer House Hilton is a great historic landmark right in the heart of downtown. Our nominating convention is being held at the Chicago Symphony Center just around the corner from the hotel. Please visit the following link for more information on how to register

Every year GPUS creates a program that allows attendees the ability to learn from some of the best activists on the ground both from workshops and from the various panel discussions and speakers brought in. In years past we have held several Green campaign schools at the meetings, as well as an array of issues covered from racism to green living. In years past we have had some amazing speakers such as Frank Zeidler, former Socialist Mayor of Milwaukee, Manning Marable, Jim Hightower and Helen Caldicott.

The Annual National Meeting Committee, the Illinois Green Party and the various Cook County locals are all looking forward to you coming to Chicago.

Live Green Vote Green!!!

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