IL GP runs Cummings for Senate & record # for Congress

Illinois Green Party delegates, meeting at the party’s convention this past weekend, nominated Kathy Cummings to run for the US Senate. [old website:] “The only way to stop this war is to get rid of the people who continue to enable it,” Cummings told the AP. “We’ve got to change — we are long overdue for change.” The AP also reported that “Cummings has also been an environmental activist for decades, including in the 1970s when she found a group that became Alliance of Nonsmokers, which fought for smoking bans in Chicago.” The meeting took place at the Bradley Student Center in Peoria, March 28-29.Illinois Greens also selected delegates to attend the Green Party’s national convention, to take place in Chicago, July 10-13 ( The Illinois Green Party is allotted 44 delegates out of a total of 836 at the convention (

Four Illinois Green candidates for the US House addressed the meeting: Omar Lopez, Steve Alesch, Jerome Pohlen and Rodger Jennings. The candidates discussed party growth, alternative energy sources, immigration reform, and the Green Party’s strong opposition to the US occupation of Iraq.

Last week, Sheldon Schafer announced his campaign for the US House in District 18, the latest of at least 11 Green candidates for Congress in Illinois. More Green congressional candidates are expected to announce before the filing deadline on Monday, April 7.

Congressional candidates:
3rd District: Jerome Pohlen
4th District: Omar Lopez
5th District: Alan Augustson
9th District: Morris Shanfield
11th District: Jason Wallace
12th District: Rodger Jennings
13th District: Steve Alesch
16th District: Scott Summers
17th District: Troy Dennis
18th District: Sheldon Schafer
19th District: Vic Roberts

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