OR GP run Peace Slate for Congress


The Pacific Green Party of Oregon currently has a “peace slate” which includes candidates for 4 out of 5 congressional seats. All of these candidates have expressed their commitment to ending the war in Iraq, and none of those who are elected will be as vulnerable to the pressures to conform to the Democratic congressional leadership’s programs.

The candidates are:
John Olmsted, District 1
Tristan Mock, District 2
Mike Beilstein, District 4
mikebeilstein AT yahoo.com
Alex Polikoff, District 5 info AT votepolikoff.org <mailto:info AT votepolikoff.org>

For more information on these candidates, see www.youtube.com/user/mikevanh. Video clips of Cynthia McKinney at her recent Eugene visit are also available on this site.

[Editors note: I am happy to see so many Greens running for Congress. Imagine the change that would make. And I am so glad that the “Peace Slate” idea I developed in 2006 has spread across the Green Party nationally. -ISW]

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