The price of Newsday being sold to LI

from Media Savvy

Big trouble is brewing, and it’s more threatening to Long Island’s future than any other issue that’s been laid on the table.

The sale of Newsday trumps affordable housing, taxes, energy and even brain drain as the most critical topic affecting Long Island right now, and the reason it takes precedence is quite simple: The flow of information is about to be interrupted. And that is the exact reason the sale of a newspaper should be of utmost concern to the 2.7 million people who call Long Island home.

Potential bidders for the paper surprise no one, as their names have been bandied about for years: Murdoch, Dolan, Zuckerman. What mega-media company would not have an interest in a newspaper that still boasts one of the highest concentration rates in one of the most desirable markets in the country and, until recently, served as the fabled cash cow that helped offset losses at other Tribune Co. newspapers, including the perpetually troubled L.A. Times.

Yet, Newsday and the people of Long Island, deserve better.

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