GPUS fundraising Position by 4/30/08

The Green Party of the United States is looking for people to make personal solicitation phone calls on a contract basis. Please see the job description below. Feel free to pass this on to your state lists or to people that might be good
this type of work.

Job Title: Fundraising Assistant (several positions are open in all regions)
Fundraising Manager for Direct Mail, Events and Personal Solicitations
Please send questions or comments to, Tamar Byczek Yager,
Resumes should be emailed as an attachment to:
Closing date is April 30, 2008.
Contract position which will run until December 31, 2008

The Green Party of the United States needs someone to help with our fundraising program in selected regions. At this time the position will primarily involve phone solicitations with minimal administrative
tasks. This is a part-time consultant position (paid as an independent contractor) with the following pay schedule.

Months 1-2 – $200 per month plus 20% commission on all donations received within 30 days of pledge. It is expected that this position obtain at least $750 in the first month and at least $1000 in the second

All other months will be paid on a commission basis as follows:

40% – Credit/debit card donations or donations with no follow-up or tracking needed.
33% – Donations received within 30 days of pledge.
20% – Donations received after 30 days from date of pledge and up to 90 days after the pledge.

All sustainer donations will receive 25% commission for every month (up to 12 months) a donation is received as long as the coordinator is employed as a coordinator. First payment must be received within 60
days of pledge to qualify for commission.

The position requires that the Coordinator work with Staff and Fundraising Committee to set realistic goals and fundraising targets. Continuation of the contract will, in part, be determined by whether or not a monthly target is reached -within the context of an overall evaluation of the strength of the monthly work package. The contract can be cancelled with 30 days notice by either the Coordinator, or the Green
Party of the United States.


  • The Coordinator will work with the Fundraising Manager on the development of a monthly work package and progress of phone campaigns.
  • The Coordinator will complete required database and paperwork.
  • The Coordinator will target donors under and up to the $500 level (occasionally the coordinator may target larger donors) and prospects with the goal of raising their commitment level and/or building our Sustainer Program.


  • Experience with phone banking or other fundraising is essential. The Coordinator should have previous experience working with the Green Party and/or similar organizations and be able to enthusiastically promote the Green Party and Green campaigns.
  • Work schedule is flexible, although the Coordinator should be able to spend most of their time during early evenings and weekends-when people can be reached at home.
  • The Coordinator must have access to a computer and necessary office equipment. The Green Party of the United States will reimburse for up to $25 per month for long distance and for actual postage and copy expenses that can be documented.
  • Women and People of Color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please send cover letter and resume in an e-mail attachment, to:
Deadline for applying to this position is April 30, 2008.

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