Education Rights, re: immigration status, disability rights, temporary housing

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PeaceSmiths peace and justice organization presents a community forum on “School Law and Education Rights”

On Friday, April 18th at 8pm, PeaceSmiths will present a forum on “School Law and Education Rights.” The event is held at the First United Methodist Church, 25 Broadway/Rt. 110 (southmost end near Merrick Rd./Montauk Highway), Amityville. The suggested donation is $6 (half for children). For information 631-798-0778 or

With school lawyers in the news, the community is becoming aware that local schools have their own legal team. School lawyers can shape school policy and outcomes concerning school registration and special services. Parents need information, and sometimes advocacy, to ensure that their children’s education rights are protected. This forum will focus on how the law protects the most vulnerable among us: students with disabilities, immigrant families, and families experiencing homelessness or temporary housing.

Nadia Marin-Molina of the Workplace Project will speak about the rights of immigrant students. In addition, there will be insights and information from other organizations. There will also be time for audience comments and questions.

PeaceSmiths, Inc. is a non-profit community organization established in 1972. PeaceSmiths engages in community organizing for peace and justice, education, activism, culture and mutual help.

PeaceSmiths, Inc.
(631) 798-0778

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