Long Island Wins: The Chaotic Vote That Almost Was…

Long Island Wins: The Chaotic Vote That Almost Was…

I figured I would chime in here, since Pat had internet access yesterday and I didn’t. Just an FYI…when you go to the legislature there is a wireless network called “Free Public Wi-Fi” that doesn’t work…sounds just like Beedenbender’s bill.

When I arrived first thing this morning, the auditorium only had 5 seats left. Many of the larger unions came out and filled the seats as did the usual suspects that are anti-immigrant. By the time I signed-up to speak there were already 39 speakers before me…I figured I was in for another 13-hour day like last year fighting against IR1022.

Since I was supposed to be blogging live, I grabbed one of the few seats still available, while many others waited in the lobby.

Since 1105 already had its public hearing, we were left to speak during the public portion, intermitent with people speaking on other subjects, in the beginning of the meeting. The speakers in the beginning were mostly spokespeople from the unions who were for 1105.

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