Shell and TransCanada to Appeal Broadwater

Shell and TransCanada to Appeal New York’s Rejection of LNG Plan

Shell and TransCanada are planning to appeal the New York government’s decision to reject the companies’s proposal to build a liquefied natural gas platform in Long Island Sound, reported Reuters.

The two energy companies are likely to approach the US Commerce Department with an appeal to overturn the decision. It is reported that in preparation of an appeal, John Hritcko, regional project director for the Broadwater (liquefied natural gas) LNG project, has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to forward the case details to the Secretary of Commerce. The appeal will be made before May 12, 2008.

The Broadwater project was rejected in April by David Paterson, the governor of New York, who reportedly said that it was ‘fundamentally wrong’ to privatize open water. However, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had already approved the project in March despite concerns from local officials, who feared that the plant could be a potential target for an attack.

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