Solstice Eve Festival 6/20/08

June 20th 7:30 PM ~ SOLSTICE Eve FESTIVAL~CELEBRATION & 9:00PM CONCERT~NYC Premiere of “YOGASONG” (Asanas-Meditation-Healing Chants) & SOL~AUM (“Songs of Light” Concert) Welcome in the very sacred Summer Solstice beginning with 1 hour of Asanas (Yin Yoga for beginners or experienced) along with Healing Chants and meditation led by the talented KRISTIN HOFFMANN & Jamie Leigh Chan followed by the World premiere CONCERT Performance (beginning at 9:00 pm) of SOL~AUM “Songs of Light”. Truly “Angelic” music created & sung by KRISTIN and accompanied by special guests including the world renowned PREMIK RUSSELL TUBBS. This evening promises to be a deeply memorable experience involving artists & teachers of the “highest” caliber,”channeling” from a very sacred realm of consciousness. The event is being held in the beautiful Sanctuary of JUDSON MEMORIAL HALL located at 55 Washington Square South (south side of Washington Sq pk) Admission is $20.00 & includes entire evening! Feel free to bring your Yoga mat (some will be provided) for the asanas section. Both floor & chair seating will be available for the 9:00 pm Concert. Ticket info (On sale Now) as well as samples of”Songs of Light” music & Bios regarding Kristin, Premik & Jamie can be obtained at our production site
Phone info # is 914-260-6200 I YOGASONG history is available at

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