News and Video: Susan McKeon “dismissed in interest of justice”


Just returned from First District Court. Susan McKeon was to be arraigned for having been at the Smith Haven Mall, reading the names of the soldiers who died in the Iraq War. It was part of a 4,000 soldier peace demonstration which Long Island groups such as Suffolk Peace Network and PeaceSmiths participated in.

Susan McKeon had been first charged with criminal trespass, as a misdemeanor. It was stated that it should have been only “a violation.”

In court, the entire matter was “dismissed in the interest of justice” under Code 170.40.

Besides ourselves and another public access cameraperson, there was also a camera person there who said he was from Fox News.

The peace groups will reconvene at 1pm, to support Don Zirkel, who was also arrested at the Smith Haven Mall under different circumstances. Don was asked to leave the Mall since he was wearing a “4,000 Soldiers” killed t-shirt, as he sat eating lunch.

The attorney for Susan McKeon was Henry F. O’Brien, who took the case to support the peace movement and Susan McKeon. Henry O’Brien had been prepared to go all the way to trial. He did an excellent job, and was very friendly and informative to Susan’s supporters.

About 20 people went into court wearing the now-famous “4,000 soldiers” t-shirt. I would say that from beginning at 7:30am in the parking lot, to going to court, to celebrating afterward, there were about 50 or 60 people there for Susan McKeon. Some bystanders who were probably there to appear in court or support their relatives in district or family court wound up joining our circles and clapping.

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  2. I took this picture of Susan talking under the overhang (after the case was dismissed). It was with a camera phone, and I was standing in the back.

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