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What is Obama thinking?: In support of Trinity Church

KW: I think it is amazing, and can’t even figure it out, that Barack Obama seems to think that if he quits his church, that when someone says something there the media will now not blame Obama. He should never have been blamed for anything that his pastor or former pastors or a visiting pastor said anyway. A church is not a monolith. People circle around spiritual communities who have various beliefs. I would never want to be held up to every pronouncement made by any religious leaders whose church or temple I attended. It is an illogical and unfair criteria.

Barack Obama’s strategy to distance himself by leaving the church makes no sense. Does he believe that by creating a healthy distance, the media will not still find it entertaining to drag out and mock statements that come from that church? The media will not all of the sudden become ethical. The media will not all of the sudden forget about Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago. And, what about the Republicans? Republicans never forget.

In business and politics, one should never apologize. An apology admits guilt. By quitting the church, Obama is making it look more like there was something wrong with his association with it in the first place.

As a third party activist, and as someone for whom banning nuclear energy is an important issue, I could never support Barack Obama (or Hillary Clinton, or McCain) for office. Still, I would like to see some ethics and leadership from the candidates, and some ethics and logic from the media.

In the meantime, I hope that people will understand the need to support the church that is being attacked, and the black church in general at this time. Through the callous attempt to smear Obama, whoever is doing these attacks – the media?, Clinton supporters?, the Republicans?, and/or generic racists? – are harming an innocent bystander in the form of a spiritual institution that serves many people and creates healthy dialogue. That is unfair and unfortunate. Church’s are important communities. The Black Church plays an historic role in getting out the vote for a disenfranchised community.

I support Trinity United Church of Christ. I support the right of all people to worship how they like, or not worship how they like, and in their worship to rant as much and as controversially as possible. To that end, I hope that people who see the folly of Obama’s decision, and see the injustice in what this campaign cycle is doing to this church, will take time to make a donation to Trinity Church. They even have a store – I researched it, I mean it, I support them – where you can buy t-shirts or books.

It would be wonderful if all of the people cringing and critiquing the messages coming from Trinity Church, would take some time to study some of their literature on Africentric Theology and Social Themes.

P.S. All of that said, I am very careful at crossing lines of non-profits and political parties. So, I think it was a big no-no that a visiting pastor mentioned Hillary Clinton’s name from the pulpit. So, criticize the visiting pastor on his specific mistake. Ask the church to put a clarifying message in its bulletin the next week. End of story.

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5 Responses

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  2. The controversy isn’t so much about tying Obama to what Rev Wright had to say, or to what Fr Pfleger said, the controversy is about Obama sitting in the church and listening to the rhetoric for 20 years, then coming up and expecting those who the church claims is the “problem” to support someone who never once uttered disagreement with what the church leader had to say. What Rev Wright did for 20 years was to blame white people, all white people, for the black condition. Obama sat there and didn’t disagree even once, which is, in effect, agreeing. The truth is most white people, the exception being the relatively few KKK and white separatists, are too busy trying to support their families, just like most black people are trying to do. This is the 21st century, not the 19th century, there is not as much racism as some blacks would like people to think. Racism is a thing of the past, except for those who continually dredge it up for political reasons. Obama, more and more, shows himself to be one of those, and then has the audacity to ask us to make him our President. He shouldn’t be held accountable for what the Rev says, he should be held accountable for not immediately distancing himself from what the Rev said

  3. I agree. Obama should take a principled stand, even if it costs him the election. If he attended Trinity for 20 years and let his impressionable children hear Paster Wright then obviously Obama is in agreement. Let Obama be Obama.

    And while theye are at it, the video of Michelle Obama ranting about ‘Whitey’ should receive the widest possible circulation. In fact the Obama campaign should put it on their website so the country knows exactly where the Obamas stand.

  4. Wow. DC Barton. You are amazing. I can see you are not black. Because, there is not a lot of racism for you.

    What about black people, everyday, who try to rent an apartment and are told that it is not available? What about black people standing on a line at a jewelry counter, and the clerk helps the white person first? What about all the neighborhoods in all the towns and cities, where the government let’s the sidewalks on certain streets crumble, because they think they can get away with it?

    It is very difficult to take anything else you say seriously after you assert that there is not much racism left.

  5. Wilderside, Those apartments, might just be that someone came before the black person, paid the rent and deposit, signed the lease, and just hasn’t had a chance to move in yet, that isn’t racism, that is first come, first serve. People standing at the counter while the white person gets served first, guess what? Again, first come, first serve. There have been many times that I waited while a black person was served first by a black clerk. It wasn’t racist, it was because the other person got there first. The towns and cities where the government lets sidewalks crumble, there is only so much tax money, people want and want and want. Where does the money come from? You, me and everyone else who works for a living. Why should we have to pay for sidewalks where we don’t live. Why should we pay for sidewalks, when we don’t use them because we get up and drive to work everyday? That isn’t racist, that is simply how it is. The same people that scream racism also call people like Larry Elder, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell “oreos” because they aren’t the “right kind of blacks”. Racism in todays world is just a false claim to victimhood, not the problem that it was 100 years ago, or even during the Jim Crow period.

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