Truck Drivers’ Strikes and Slow Downs: Internationally

If you want to keep up with this situation, realize that in some countries a truck driver is more likely to be called a hauler, haulier, transporter, or lorry driver.

from The Earth Times
Portuguese hauliers end strike – Spanish protests continue

Posted : Thu, 12 Jun 2008 08:30:01 GMT

Lisbon/Madrid – Portuguese hauliers Thursday ended their strike after reaching a preliminary agreement with the government to alleviate the effect of rising fuel prices. The government had shown “a clear and unequivocal will to solve the problem,” hauliers’ representative Antonio Loios said. by hugovk at Flickr/Creative CommonsThe three-day strike had begun to cause shortages at supermarkets and petrol stations, and Lisbon airport prohibited most planes from refuelling on Wednesday. Traffic meanwhile appeared to be returning to normal in neighbouring Spain, where a hauliers’ strike that had caused chaos on the roads and led to violent clashes went into its fourth day… The strikers (in Spain) want a minimum price level for their services, a demand that the government rejects as being contrary to European Union legislation… About 60 truck drivers were detained Wednesday for trying to forcefully stop lorries or after clashing with police… Farmers and fishermen are also protesting the fuel prices. More than 50 people were injured as farmers and fishermen clashed with police in Almeria and Seville in the south. Representatives of coastal fishermen, however, reached an agreement with the government on subsidies to alleviate the effects of the fuel price hikes. Traffic to France was moving normally after blockades were lifted at the border posts of Irun and La Jonquera. The strike (in Spain) has claimed the life of a picket who was hit by a truck on Tuesday. Injured victims have included a lorry driver who suffered serious burns when his vehicle was burned in what appeared to be an act of arson on Wednesday. The Portuguese strike also claimed one fatality.

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