International Truck Driver Strike (that started in Spain)

Some updates and analysis from the web:

South Korea‘s ports threatened to grind to a halt Sunday as thousands of truck drivers extended their damaging strike action over soaring fuel prices, officials said. – from Interactive Investor

Various Countries:
The Chronicle Herald
excerpt from “Anger boils in Europe over rising fuel prices”, by SHELLEY EMLING Cox News Service
Sun. Jun 15 – 4:31 AM

LONDON – While North Americans motorists are feeling the pinch at the pumps this summer, it’s even worse for Europeans.

Angered by soaring fuel prices, Europeans are protesting and taking a toll on consumers and companies by creating food shortages, blocked highways and the deaths of two people in Spain and Portugal.

Motorists are paying the equivalent of $10 a gallon in France, more than $9 a gallon in Britain and more than $8 a gallon in Belgium.

Tens of thousands of truckers already are on strike or threatening to strike in Italy, Spain, France, Britain, and Portugal.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged motorists not to panic as tanker drivers supplying Shell’s service stations threatened to launch a four-day strike…

Amid warnings that the price of oil could soar to perhaps $250 a barrel within 18 months, EU officials plan to meet next week to consider solutions to surging food and fuel costs…

In Spain, the situation was particularly tense this week.

Spanish consumers started stockpiling food on Wednesday over concerns that an ongoing truckers’ strike that has disrupted deliveries might cause food shortages.

A three-day protest has resulted in more than 2,500 trucks blocking a Spanish-French border crossing.

Workers at Madrid’s main food wholesale market said this week that supplies of meat, fish, and fruit would start to thin out soon.

At the same time, automakers in Spain said most of the country’s automobile plantshave had to cut or halt production for lack of spare parts.

-end Chronicle Herald article

In depth study of gas prices and potential strikes:

“Nations Uncertain On How To Adjust To Oil Prices
by Stuart Loory

Excellent interview. Here is a short excerpt:

Jim Zarroli, business reporter, National Public Radio, New York: We are beginning to see a crisis. Although we haven’t had strikes in the U.S., oil prices in America generally are still lower than in much of the rest of the world. However, there is a lot of concern among people like truck drivers and school bus companies.

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