Mall Tour for Peace/Next Stop: Sat. June 28th Walt Whitman Mall

Announcing the Summer 2008 Stop the War Long Island Mall Tour
featuring the
4000 Troops 1 million Iraqis DEAD. ENOUGH! T-shirt

On Easter Sunday, March 23, the US casualty count in Iraq reached 4000 dead.
On Saturday March 29 we went to Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove to stand for peace. Two people were arrested inside the Mall. They were wearing T-shirts with our message: 4000 Troops 1 million Iraqis DEAD. ENOUGH!
In the month of April, an additional 52 Americans were killed.
On Saturday May 3 we went to Sunrise Mall in Massapequa. We walked around inside the Mall wearing our T-shirts and displaying photos of the 33 Long Islanders killed in Iraq. We were told the photos had to be put away.
By the end of May, 19 more Americans had been killed.
As of mid-June, 14 Americans have been killed.
The overall US casualty count in Iraq is now 4098.
Do you want to end this war? Were you with us at the Malls? Will you be there in the future?
Join the Summer 2008 Stop the War Long Island Mall Tour

Your Next Chance to Join the Stop the War! Long Island Mall Tour is…

Saturday, June 28 Walt Whitman Mall 2:00 to 3:30 PM **
Route 110 south of Jericho Turnpike
Huntington Station 11746
with upcoming mall tour stops:
Sat. July 26 Roosevelt Field Garden City
Sat. August 23 South Shore Mall Bay Shore
September Grand Finale! Back to Smith Haven Mall Lake Grove

Join us at Walt Whitman Mall. Save the other dates. Sign-up to be on the mailing list for future details. Order a T-shirt. Contact Janet Egan: e-mail workforpeace at optonline dot net or call 631.424-4647

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