One Man’s “Green” is Another’s Black Tea

by Babbette Hogan
from OpEdNews

While it’s not easy “Being Green” it’s really not easy being “Seriously Green.” Ask a Green Party Presidential candidate, whose party allows no corporate funding whatsoever and whose party members are, by and large, working class people without spare dollars.

Early last week, the Green Party’s national leadership  sent out a donation plea to party members on behalf of all the candidates. Being a party that espouses democratic values and egalitarianism, the party leadership could not ask directly for donations to go to the presumptive candidate, [former Congresswoman Cynthia] McKinney. However, Richard Winger, of Ballot Access News, believes that the National Green Party leaders should have done just that so that at least one candidate could carry the Green flag with some kind of visibility into the final election period.

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3 Responses

  1. I hope that with these quotes taken out of context, the title still makes sense. Alas, humans who are sensitive to the word “man” being used in this title instead of “human” (I know you’re out there), the title actually referred to McCain and Obama, who, as it happens, are men.

  2. Either way it works. If the quotes make sense then it serves the purpose, if not they click to read the entire article.

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