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excerpt from Newsday
State Attorney General poised to tackle Tankleff case
7:15 PM EDT, June 29, 2008

Martin Tankleff

Monday is the day that lawyers from Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office may tell a Suffolk judge how they will proceed in the case against Martin Tankleff, the former Belle Terre man whose conviction in the 1988 murders of his parents was overturned in December…

Tankleff, 36, [then 17 years old], was convicted in 1990 of the slayings of Arlene and Seymour Tankleff, and he spent almost half his life in prison. But a state appellate panel threw out the conviction based mainly on new evidence that Tankleff’s investigator, Jay Salpeter of Great Neck, had amassed.

That evidence linked other people, including a business partner of Seymour Tankleff, to the crime…

The attorney general’s office’s options include prosecuting others for the deaths of Tankleff’s parents.

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