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Update: 9/27/08: A lot of people are coming to this post today. Are you looking for polls about the debate? If so, we have a story about that here. For a really good presidential polling site, go to Polling Report website here.

On the right hand column of the there is a poll of who should be the Green Party Presidential Nominee/

3 Responses

  1. Obama is a socialist and his policies will destroy our nation. I don’t think he is going to win the election but if he does, look for a one term presidency and a landslide victory by the Republicans in 2012.

  2. GO MCCAIN PALIN – I live in the DC area and want to see these liberal hacks go away for eight more years. I blame the problems with the economy, and the sorry state of energy policy on the majority party in this do-nothing Congress.

  3. OBAMA is change, McCain is not change, he is corporate america-Bush adminstration just reworded. Do Republicans really think we are so stupid and uneducated that we just go by what the news and campaigns say. Educate yourself and learn that McCain is not what America needs, OBAMA is CHANGE, he represents average Americans, not old wealth, not filthy rich wealth that owns several millions $ properties…

    Obama came out strong in this debate, McCain couldnt even give him the dignity to look at him when he was being addressed and McCain just went around his lies. Dont just blog vote OBAMA.

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