The Chicago 2008 Green Party Presidential Forum

I went to the first half of the forum, and came back to my hotel, which does have wireless, to blog. (I needed a break from the crowds, anyway.)

The Presidential Forum is very successful. I tried to do a quick count by people in rows and columns. I would say at least a 1,000 people in attendance. It was bigger than the other very big presidential forum last year in Reading.

Kinamo KSCM Curry made her presentation as our candidate who took the time and energy to run for the VP slot. However, Kinamo has declined to continue running. Kinamo will look forward to a future run. Kinamo led the entire, huge, ballroom of people in the chant, “We’re gonna paint the White House Green.” People were on their feet and very into it.

All four candidates that the PSCS has on their list spoke. Kent Mesplay announced that he would run for Congress in 2010.

Jesse Johnson and Kat Swift made good presentations and some very good points. Kat Swift came across as charming when she was asked the energy question: “What would your energy policy look like?” She said that she would choose Dr. Kent Mesplay for her energy advisor. Kent is an expert on sustainability and energy. It was a nice moment of green camaraderie and unity.

There was a lot of love for Cynthia McKinney. While some of the comments of the other candidates received great applause and maybe a standing ovation here and there, Cynthia received by far the most adulation. It appears pretty clear to me that she will win the nomination tomorrow. (Although I heard stray rumors about Nader people trying something tomorrow – I don’t see it. Think it is over-worry. Also, a stray blog post about Cynthia not getting it on the first round. I will admit that in 2004, people made some pretty wild votes on the first round [ie: Eugene Debs, women candidates they admired who were not presidential choices, etc.] Though, I think this year Cynthia will win it fast. I hope for the first round.)

One time, there was very loud talking in the corridor when Cynthia McKinney was getting ready to speak. It was kind of an awkward moment and a few people took toward the door to see who was interrupting. Cynthia McKinney got to her microphone and said, “That’s my father in the hallway.” He got very quiet, very quickly. A very touching moment. And, good to know that Cynthia’s parents are here to support her. Imagine how proud they must be.

I would like to also add that there was a lot of press. There were great refreshments, including guacamole dip, which truly puts political activists in a great mood. And, a wonderful banner that stated “Green Party 2008: A Presidential Debate that Matters.”


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  1. What’s the feel of the Delegates regarding Rosa Clemente? Does it appear she will be the VP? Are there any groups organizing for anyone else(Jesse Johnson perhaps?)

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