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We hope to have video up sometime today. It will be short clips we can do on our laptop. We had software problems using the laptop for upload. Though, stuff will be coming soon.

There is a great feeling that Cynthia McKinney will be the next candidate. And, since Cynthia McKinney’s running mate for VP is Rosa Clemente, the VP race seems quieted. Even our long-time, passionate, VP candidate KSCM Curry is skipping the VP race and looking on to her next race. (Kinamo was my favorite VP candidate ever! in any race!) (Kinamo is a motivator!)

Today is some meetings and lots of workshops. You should make sure to go to a workshop with Asa Gordon. Asa is a genuine political strategist, and electoral activist. Asa studies how the system work and comes up with plans and proposals. Asa knows the right bureaucrats to the correct venue to raise concerns about electoral unfairness. And, as a matter of fact, if you are or might become a presidential elector for your state, he has a great idea of how you could use your position to challenge the system.

Asa Gordon studies one of his famous map charts. Chicago 2008.

Asa’s two workshops are both on Friday. At 10:45am to noon in Clark 7: The Constitutional MAP for Voter Disenfranchisement. And, then, on Friday (today!) at 2:30pm to 3:45: Democratizing the Electoral College. If you are a presidential elector, you should especially attend, to see how you can fit into a national strategy to challenge the electoral system.

Things that happened: Kinamo held a participatory workshop to motivate Greens to end all -isms by 2012; The Diversity Committee of the GP-US [which I am an officer of] held a meeting to discuss future plans, strategies of the caucus system, and how to get plugged in on its phone meetings and list-serve; Rich Whitney wowed them at the Introduction to the Convention Press Conference [Ian will have the video up as one of the first]; And, everyone keeps buzzing and buzzing about Rosa Clemente. Cynthia McKinney and Rose Clemente did a meet-and-greet tour at the reception last night, and the circle of supporters, fans, and well-wishers around them kept growing and growing.

Kinamo Curry, Coila Clark, and George Martin. Chicago 2008

Three Greens chat: Kinamo Curry, Coila Clark, and George Martin. Chicago 2008

KSCM Curry has turned her former VP campaign into a future (presidential?) campaign; Coila Clark is a new Green from New York State who supports Cynthia McKinney and is a presidential delegate; George Martin is a well-loved Green Party leader who is also a leader in the UFPJ organization.

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  1. Yea!!!!!! Looking forward to the video. Found you in today’s Iraq snapshot at The Common Ills which also says that Pacifica Radio will do a Sunday special. Who is Drew Pritt and why does he hate Cynthia? Who is Drew Pritt and why does he hate democracy? He’s a jerk but that part of the snapshot was what caught my eye.

  2. Sunday there is a 3 hour Green Party special on Pacifica radio!

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