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Diane White, at the block party where this all started. Diane is in the orange shirt. Summer

Diane White, at the block party where this all started. Diane is in the orange shirt. Photo is from September 2007.

From Kimberly:

Diane White is a Green Party member from Pennsylvania who is a friend of mine. We have worked on various intra-party struggles before, and attended the very bonding “Dismantling Racism Workshop” together. At the end of summer, 2007, Diane went to an ACORN sponsored block party, which she helped organize for the children in her neighborhood. When the police were bullies and abused Diane and hurt her, they then accused her of something (I think like “talking back” type thing).

The case against Diane is still going on. Even though the other side has not presented evidence, and even though the community has realized the concerns and tried to face the overall police brutality crisis in the city in various ways. Please see Diane White’s most recent update below. And, below that, some background.

New comment on UPDATE: Special Report: Brutality Of Diane White,….

DLighte has left a new comment on the post “UPDATE: Special Report: Brutality Of Diane White,…”:

I reported to court today. My lawyer requested a continuance. Since we do not have a transcript from the preliminary hearing, my lawyer is filing a motion in the courts to bring forth the evidence. Essentially, it is the preliminary hearing all over again. In the meantime the officer who attacked me is rumored to be returning to Iraq.

My prayers go out to the young sistahs that were accosted by the Harrisburg Police Dept while attending the Harrisburg Musical Festival during the July 4th weekend. What was done to those sistahs, from being slammed up against the brick wall, to being peppered sprayed, to being slammed face first on the ground, to being continuously kneed in the back, after being put in a “chicken wing” is exactly what was done to me. Go figure, the first bombing of Iraq was on Martin Luther King’s birthday. I was beaten and shackled on Labor Day Weekend. The young sistahs were attacked on the 4th of July. Could this be a pattern? Holidays are not particularly safe for the average black woman in Harrisburg.

I don’t envy the folks in Iraq either. They too are subjected to the same “mentality” and are at the “mercy” of people like the police officers who attack us in our own communities. As I reflect on the practices of those who are at war in other countries and the “urban warfare” training that one receives in the military, coupled with the “urban warfare” training that police officers receive at the police academy, both of which I have experienced first hand, it’s not difficult to see the manifestation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the police officers and the manifestation of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome (PTSS) on the African American community. These are not random acts by individual police officers, these are well documented patterns of behavior and the obvious modus operandi of the Harrisburg Police Department. Why won’t the Harrisburg Human Relations Department Release the results of the investigation that has been completed on the Harrisburg Police Dept? It’s not like the community doesn’t have a “RIGHT TO KNOW”.

Anyway, my trial date is set for September 8, 2008. My witnesses are still available and my legal team is ready, whether the officer goes back to Iraq or not. What goes around comes around and nothing changes if nothing changes.

Once again thank you for your support and I will keep you posted.

Diane “DLighte” White

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