Amazing Grace: Black and white and the power of music

This video was brought to my attention by War Resisters’ League HERO David McReynolds. It has pretty interesting history about the song “Amazing Grace.” And, where it is posted on youtube there is interesting commentary.


(This video gave me a good opening to share something I was hesitating about sharing. So, I am sharing it here, in the “read more”, for people who are so interested in the idea of gospel/spiritual music they decided to click on…I don’t want to cause trouble with my political blogging friends, and I want everyone to understand this is only about liking one person — Reverend Jeremiah Wright, not any candidate connected to him — but…I really, really genuinely like the person of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And, when I went to the Green Party convention in Chicago, I could not resist going to visit Trinity Church. I did not make it to a service, or even the bookstore. But, we went by during a service, and it was packed. And, the street in front is named after Reverend Jeremiah Wright! The recent controversy has not hurt his popularity, or the church’s popularity. Here is my somewhat naughty [for a Green] souvenir from Chicago)

"Reverend Jeremiah Wright Way"

In Chicago: "Reverend Jeremiah Wright Way"

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