Are You An Immigrant?: Public Access Show

The video below is designed to be a show-in-a-can for other public access producers to use. We put no local information or schedule information in the body of it. There is room at the beginning and end to insert your own titles. This is copy-free to any green or progressive public access people who want to rebroadcast it. Not sure how clean things download from google video, so if you need the copy delivered a different way, please contact and us and we can figure something out: wmblake7 at yahoo dot com.


This video is based on two presentations by immigration advocate Omar López, given in Chicago, in conjunction with the 2008 GP-US Annual Meeting and Presidential Convention. The first is a small excerpt from a workshop that Omar led. The workshop video also includes comments from March 10th advocate Jorge Mújica, and a question from Green Party member CeCi of Pennsylvania. The second section is the keynote speech given by Omar López at the Green Party of the United States Presidential Convention. For more Green Party video, please visit

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