Keep Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente in the news!

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Now that the Green National Convention is over, there’s a real danger that most of the media will revert to their usual habit of ignoring the Green Party and our candidates, including our presidential ticket. We can’t let that happen.

Let’s find ways to keep Cynthia, Rosa, & the rest of our candidates in the news. Here are some suggestions…

— Send a letter to the editor, an op-ed column submission, an article, etc. to your local newspaper. If it gets published in a major paper, tens of thousands of people or more will read it. But even if you get it published in a small newspaper or online bulletin board or blog, it might be read by a few hundred or a few thousand voters.

— Call in to a radio show and talk about our candidates.

— Hold an event open to the public — a rally, a concert, or a campaign walk from one of town to another during which you can meet voters and give them campaign lit. Host a potluck dinner in a meeting hall or church basement, invite the public, and raise some money for the campaign. Notify the media and invite them to cover it.

— Organize a media committee, if your state or local party doesn’t have one already, so you can open up a regular line of communication with the news media in your town or state. (Consult the GP’s Media Committee if you need help.) Get plugged in to the national Green media network that’s promoting the McKinney-Clemente campaign.

Do whatever gets results!

Media Committee

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