Update on drilling in upstate NY: good and bad, stay tuned

The background story is here.

As reported on WNYC, what appears to have happened on Wednesday, July 23rd is that New York State Governor Paterson put on the accelerator at the same time he was putting on the brakes regarding this issue. Paterson approved (and did not veto) a law that came through the legislature simplifying the application process. But, at the same time, he called for a full environmental review process on drilling – the creation of an Environmental Impact Statement. So, there are some questions about if any drilling or new applications will be allowed during the environmental review process. Environmental advocates hope not.

Here is the story on audio from NYC (it has a commercial at the beginning): http://www.wnyc.org/flashpop.html?playlist=%2Fstream%2Fxspf%2F104310

Here is another text news story:
Gov. Orders Environmental Review of Gas Drilling
by Ilya Marritz

NEW YORK, NY July 23, 2008 —Governor David Paterson has addressed growing public concerns about an expected boom in gas drilling in upstate New York by ordering a full environmental review.

The move was announced as the governor signed into law a measure to simplify the permit application for energy companies seeking to drill for gas. WNYC’s Ilya Marritz has more.

One move will make industry happy, the other will reassure environmentalists….read more here.

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