OTTR: An open letter to Hip Hop

from OFF THE TOP BLOGcast Special Edition: An open letter to Hip Hop

Out of respect for WGBB, i will not officially endorse any one candidate, party or ticket at this time. However, think about it… Why not? If its assumed Obama will win in November, why not support a black politician who was elected as a democrat. Someone who has taken some tough stances. Has a strong eloquent presence behind a podium. One who has put in writing their perspectives about issues like why this military action in Iraq should never have started. Someone who has already chosen a running mate who has earned her stripes as a grassroots activist and voice for Hip Hop.

I can’t tell you what to think or who to vote for… The difference between most of us in the independent media and most in the corporate media is that i respect your right, nay responsibility, to think and act for yourself. I am just suggesting that we as Hip Hop (again as any culture) are only as strong as our Queens are. They are more than half of the population at large. They deserve more than an occasional song, showcase or chance to shake their a**.

One Love,
Curry Kid

For more information about OFF THE TOP Radio, Queen Nefertari and her discussion about domestic violence, her upcoming guest, the Question of the Week, Rick James (ie who this coming edition of the show is dedicated to) or Curry Kid go to

For more information about the US Green Party and whether McKinney/Clemente are on the ballot in your state go to (look for the ‘states,’ link).

You may download a copy of the petition to get the Greens and McKinney/Clemente on the ballot in New York State here:

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