Green Party: McKinney is the real peace candidate, not Obama/McCain

Votes for Green Party nominees McKinney and Clemente will build a permanent alternative to the bipartisan war agenda, say Green Party leaders.

Green Party warn that antiwar Americans will waste their votes if they vote for Obama or McCain, citing their positions on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East

Green Party leaders urged Americans who oppose the wars started by the Bush Administration with bipartisan support in Congress to vote instead for Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney, running mate Rosa Clemente, and Green Party congressional candidates.
Green Party leaders said today that antiwar voters will not get an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by voting for presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama or presumed Republican nominee John McCain on Election Day.

“Millions of voters plan to vote for Barack Obama in the hope that he’ll bring peace to Iraq and other nations in the region,” said Omar N. López, Green candidate for the US House in Illinois (4th District) ( “But his positions are really ‘McCain-Lite’ — he’ll continue many of the same belligerent foreign policies as the Bush-Cheney Administration that John McCain would. Mr. Obama supports a larger military in terms of both spending and personnel. We want to stop the US from being the world’s bully, and instead fund a peace dividend to deal with the economic, energy, and global warming crises.”

“We appeal to voters to take a look at the Green Party’s ‘Peace Slate’ of candidates, with Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente on the Green presidential ticket. A vote for a candidate who doesn’t represent your own ideals is a vote wasted,” said Mr. López.

As US Representative from Georgia in 2006, Cynthia McKinney was the first member of Congress to introduce motions for impeachment.

“Many Obama supporters don’t realize that the differences between Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain on foreign policy are actually quite narrow and based on the same assumptions. Both believe that the US has a right to occupy other countries, place political demands on their leaders, and take control of their resources. But other voices are getting frozen out of the debate, including the Green nominees for the White House and Congress, whose campaigns are building America’s permanent peace party alternative,” said Carol Brouillet, Green candidate for Congress in California’s District 14 and founder of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance (

Green Party leaders compared the Green antiwar agenda to Barack Obama’s positions:


• Despite the popular impression that Sen. Obama intends to end the Iraq War, he plans only to reduce troops over a 16-month period. He would maintain an ‘under the radar’ occupation to protect US interests, which is code for the US and British corporate demand for control over Iraqi oil. (No-bid contracts have already been anounced for ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, BP, and Total.) Sen. Obama promises to shift troops around the region, placing US forces in countries surrounding Iraq.

• The Green Party and Green candidates support an immediate and full withdrawal of US troops and military contractors from Iraq, and control over Iraqi oil resources returned to the Iraqi people.


• Sen. Obama intends to expand the disastrous US war on Afghanistan, which has already left the country in ruins and continues to destabilize the region.

• Greens support full US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and an internationally cooperative investigation and prosecution of those behind the 9/11 attacks.


• Sen. Obama has repeatedly promised unqualified and uncritical support for Israel, despite the Israeli government’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and massive abuses of human rights, including Israel’s recent violation of a pledge to the US not to construct new homes in a West Bank settlement (

• Greens have called for the withholding of all US assistance, especially billions of dollars in military aid, until Israel reverses its current policies and adheres to international law, human rights protections, and UN directives, including withdrawal from occupied lands and recognition of the Palestinian right of return.


• Despite promises of diplomacy, Sen. Obama has signed on to the Bush Administration’s threat of a US or US-backed Israeli assault on Iran, even though intelligence confirms that the Iranian government is not using its nuclear power to build weapons.

• Greens have warned that an attack on Iran would bring untold consequences, including a greater regional or global conflict, and that the threat itself is an incentive for Iran and other nations to seek a nuclear arsenal. Greens call for an end to such threats, for diplomacy and friendship with Iran, and for an aggressive effort towards regional and global nuclear disarmament, noting the menace posed by Israel’s and Pakistan’s possession of nuclear weapons.

The Green Party has also urged impeachment and criminal investigation of the Bush-Cheney Administration’s numerous abuses of power in launching the Iraq invasion as well as other actions. Barack Obama, John McCain and the Democratic/Republican leadership have rejected all attempts to hold the latter accountable for its crimes.

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