LiberalPro Blog: Analysis of the effect of 3rd parties on corporate parties

[Including…More reasons to vote Green Party]

The Formula for Winning in November
Excerpt below. The whole article is worth reading. Go here.

…Even if McCain wins the presidency because of defections from the Democrats, once McCain realizes that it was a third party candidate that was responsible for Obama’s defeat, he must realize that the GOP will be the peoples next target. I believe that Cynthia McKinney, because of her ballot access in 40 States and possibly all 50 by the election, would be the best option. If the Democrats saw their loss as directly attributable to her, don’t you believe that the next Democratic candidate would be infinitely better than the corporate shill they are offering now?

A showing of more than 20% would put both corporate political parties on notice that the American people are tired of business as usual. This would also give the Greens matching campaign funds and usher in a new dynamic of another strong political party to compete for the American vote and change the current paradigm. If Senator McCain became President, it would be logical to assume that most of the people who gave their vote to McKinney would have also voted for progressive candidates for the House and Senate, it’s doubtful that they would vote for conservative Republicans.

I see no negatives in voting for McKinney. I also see no good results if Obama wins because of the fear mongering by Democrats. An Obama win without a strong dissenting vote for McKinney would cement their view that they can always count on those that decry the loss of our constitutional freedoms to fall into line…

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