Did the federal government waste millions on faulty voting machines?

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Re- published from a Saturday, August 16, 2008 story by McClatchy Newspapers

Did Washington Waste Millions On Faulty Voting Machines?

by Greg Gordon

Hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding that have gone to upgrade the nation’s voting machines since 2003 were used to purchase touch-screen systems that many states are now scrapping because of concerns about their security and reliability.

State governments in Alaska, California, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Tennessee and New Mexico have decided to replace their touch-screen electronic machines. While some states have completed the switch, others won’t finish replacing the machines until 2010. Nationwide, the federal government spent $1.2 billion on new voting machines between 2003 and 2007.

Optical scanning equipment is becoming the preferred replacement because, unlike touch-screens, it preserves each voter’s original paper ballot in the event of a recount…

The Green Party’s presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney knows about the government playing games with voting machines, touch screens, and unfair elections. These themes are discussed in the movie American Blackout, a movie about Cynthia McKinney’s experiences running for Congress, a movie that Cynthia has promoted on her web-site and at Green Party events…

More about the movie American Blackout (including trailer) here.

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