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Rest in Peace Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Today, Wednesday, August 20th, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones passed away. Condolences to her family and loved ones.

I admired Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ actions in regards to the 2004 Presidential Election. Stephanie Tubbs Jones bravely challenged the Ohio vote count. My friend, Public Access colleague Terry Morrone and I went to Washington, D.C. in January 2005 to cover the recount. At the read-more below is an e-mail I wrote about the day, with my mention of Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Terry has video archives that I hope to get on line in the next few days. C-Span also has video about Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ brave actions. Not sure if the video is still viewable for free. I did find a page on C-Span where you can purchase video coverage of January 6, 2008, including the comments of Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Stephanie Tubbs Jones and her actions about the Ohio recount are also included in the movie American Blackout. The movie American Blackout focuses on election injustices against former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and also the election injustices of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Stephanie Tubbs Jones is one of a handful of progressive Democrats featured in the movie, due to her willingness to speak truth to power, and challenge the 2004 presidential votes from Ohio.

An e-mail I posted to some green lists in January, 2005:

What started out for me as a simple desire to go to election challenge rallies on Dec 6th, ended up being a press coup, when a green friend and public access producer secured us press passes to the Capitol for January 6th!

You can see me on www.cspan.org asking a question at the Black Congressional Caucus Press Conference. I asked about IRV and coalitions among 3rd parties. My question was answered by Jesse
Jackson, Jr.! I was so honored, I was in tears for most of the press conference.

With Terry’s urging and inspiration, I also secured us a private interview with Congressperson Cynthia McKinney at her office…

Being at the Congressional Black Caucus Press Conference was so wonderful and hopeful. In the middle, the speeches disappointed me a tiny bit, because it was emphasized that the goal was not really to overturn the election. Though, there were eloquent and strong words about the need to express and address the concerns of citizens.

Melvin Watt was gracious and supportive of Stephanie Tubb Jones, who was the hero of the day, and truly shone.

Seeing some of the people who represent more of my trues wishes for government, standing up on the podium in the Capitol, made me feel a moment of deep pride about our American government. I had a sense of belonging, hope, and history being in a room with Sheila Jackson Lee, Melvin Watt, Barbara Lee, Stephanie Tubb Jones, John Conyers, Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Kimberly Wilder

5 Responses

  1. I love Stephanie Tubbs Jones. One of a kind woman. You left out that she supported Hillary in the Democratic primary regardless of the pressure that was brought to bear on her. She’s the type who always stood with her friends.

  2. Why hasn’t Cynthia McKinney posted this on any of her numerous “official” websites? Where is her grief? Where is her public support for the loss of another black congresswoman? HELLO!

  3. I have had so many losses in the last couple of years – a close friend, a peace colleague friend, my uncle – I have learned a lot about loss. One thing is, you don’t second guess other people’s reactions. Everything is so confusing and full of pain and protocol.

    Stephanie Tubbs Jones is featured in the Cynthia McKinney endorsed movie “American Blackout.” So, clearly Cynthia McKinney appreciates Tubbs Jones work.

    My thought was that Cynthia McKinney might not want to look exploitive by posting a statement too soon. Or, might not want to confuse the issue by a Green who rejected the Democrats trying to comment gracefully on a Democrat.

    I guess you could ask Cynthia McKinney. Why don’t you send her a message through one of the web-sites?

  4. She Was Assinated, wake Up!

  5. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (In Memorial)

    The month of September, 10th day, the year 1949,
    Looking down from heaven God said, “It’s time,”
    Cleveland, Ohio, born to Andrew and Mary Tubbs,
    Siblings Mattie and Barbara, Stephanie I was dubbed.

    Well, equality in that time period was not a household name,
    Miles Elementary, Collinwood High, through the ranks I came,
    B.A. in Social Work from prestigious Case Western Reserve,
    I had high hopes, big dreams and all of my life, a lot of nerve.

    Gainful employment in public service was my entire career,
    I was determined to move forward, like Joshua I had no fear,
    Aware there were those who would scrutinize my every move,
    With God above, my race and females under me, I couldn’t lose.

    Someone had to set the standard, be the forerunner on this track,
    Time for a breakthrough in the movement, I couldn’t look back,
    Brothers Carl & Louis Stokes from my city put dents in the door,
    I had to knock stereotypes down, at least put in a few dents more.

    Assistant County Prosecutor and Trial Attorney for the E.E.O.C.,
    Some might think that’s the end, it was only the beginning for me,
    1982, Cleveland Municipal Court Judge was my first elected gig,
    It was really getting good to me now and I just continued to dig.

    Honorary Doctorates @ Meyers, Notre Dame College, Central, CSU,
    Do you think that’s something? Ha! I’m not even half way through,
    1st African-American woman on Common Pleas Court, State of Ohio,
    1991, first female Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, lots more for the bio.

    Upon the retirement from congress of the Honorable Louis Stokes,
    Ran in his place, won convincingly, I showed many it’s not a joke,
    While in Congress I continued to achieve, breaking new ground,
    There’d be no status-quo long as Congresswoman Tubbs is around.

    This new chapter, President of the Freshman Congressional Class,
    Co-Chair of this, Whip of that, so many more, how long does it last?
    I could have won an Olympic Gold Medal because I moved so fast,
    Yet with extra care and precision because I lived in a house of glass.

    Let’s back up to November 1976, marriage to Mr. Mervyn L. Jones,
    A stellar performance for sure but alas, I did not accomplish it alone,
    A partner, compadre and Mervyn Jr. as one became two then three,
    Special thanks to my loving sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

    Yes, there were trying times, some with pain, suffering and hurt,
    Praise God I was a lifelong member of Bethany Baptist Church,
    If I’ve skipped anyone or anything there’s too many to mention,
    And everyone should know by now that was never my intention.

    Super Woman’s work is never done and that’s a very good thing too,
    Much has been done already with seemingly way so much more to do,
    The 2008 DNC is next week however my Father is calling me home,
    Love & thanks with appreciation. Sincerely, Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

    Poems By Luke Easter

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