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On Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 7pm, the Babylon Green Party Gathering featured Matt Lavery giving The View From Europe. The event was held at Pisces Café, 14A Railroad Avenue, Babylon, NY (631-321-1231)

As an expatriate American, Matt Lavery has been active for years with the Green Party in Norwich, Norfolk England. Norwich was voted the “Greenest” city in England in 2006. Norwich also has one of the most successful local Green Parties in Britain—Greens are the official opposition party on the City Council, controlling 13 of 39 seats, two less than the majority Labour Party.  Most recently, Lavery has served as an advisor to the European Parliamentary Campaign for Rupert Read, who is a Norwich City Councillor. Read is also the official aviation policy spokesman for the Green Party of England.

Lavery talked about the view and status of Green politics in Europe, and especially England. He will focus on two specific challenges European Greens are currently grappling with—leadership and “brand identity”—challenges looming on the horizon for American Greens.  Original announcement.

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