Cynthia McKinney: Just Back From Utah Where We ARE on the Ballot!!! Good Ballot News From Ohio, too!!

Cynthia McKinney writes:

Hello all!  Just got back from Utah where Rosa and I are on the ballot!!!  And just heard from Anita Rios that Bob Fitrakis put that legal mind of his to work to get us on the ballot in Ohio!!!!  Thanks Deanna and Tom and all the Utah petitioners, and thanks Anita and Bob and all the Ohio petitioners!  Late, breaking news is that we’re also on the ballot in Rhode Island and Wisconsin!  Please donate at so Rosa and I can keep up this momentum!

While I was undressing at one of the many airports I’ve been in lately and preparing for my close encounter with TSA* [Transportation Security Administration (TSA)] one of the TSA inspectors revealed to me that on September 11th, the government will unveil new uniforms for airport TSA employees.  So, we’re working feverishly to get our new website ready to unveil also on September 11th.  Tomorrow, I’ll have another close encounter with TSA as I’m off to Wisconsin for the Fighting Bob Fest!

We’ve got some great news coming up, along with some great events!  More on that later!  Please donate.  The more interviews we do, the more the demand is for us to travel and communicate with our potential voters and all that costs money.  Please donate online at or mail a check in today so we can respond to the increased demand!

Thank you very much for your support and for giving Rosa and me this wonderful opportunity to articulate a different set of values to the people at this crucial time in our country’s history.

[Note from KW: I did not know what TSA was, so I looked it up. Here is the Orwellian statement of TSA describing themselves: “Transportation Security Administration (TSA) protects the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.”]

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