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It’s Official: Amy Goodman arrest backfires on the police


While it is tragic that the police in Minneapolis-St. Paul at the RNC wrongly arrested journalist Amy Goodman, and it must have been devasting for her to be manhandled and taken into custody, still…

Doing an injustice to a high-profile person, and a journalist at that, was a big mistake for the police and the powers-that-stifle-our-country. The police/federal government law enforcement have truly exposed their tactics to a broader audience. And, they have only boosted Amy Goodman’s career and her platform to speak truth to power.

Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now! a radio show about peace and justice that is part of the Pacifica Radio Network, and airs on WBAI 99.5FM radio, where it started. Previous to Amy Goodman’s false arrest at the RNC, if you looked up her name on a “Youtube” search, the video with the most hits with her name was a video of a debate on the documentary Loose Change and 9-11. That video, posted 2 years ago, had around 600,000 hits early this week, before the RNC incident.

Currently, on Youtube, that previous top video related to Amy Goodman, has 649,396 hits, received over 2 years. The Amy Goodman arrest video now has 649,992 hits after 2 days. [Update 9/4/08 at 7pm: It has still been only 2 days in Youtube time that the arrest video was posted, and now, that video is up to 673,175 hits.)

Congratulations to Amy Goodman. She is not out of the woods yet. There still appear to be (false) charges against her. But, she confronted the empire, experienced her historical moment, stayed non-violent, weathered the storm. And, her action has increased the visibility of her message of peace and justice.

The police strategy of repression has backfired, and made Amy Goodman an even more visible hero of peace, justice and alternative journalism!

Video at jump (in case you haven’t seen it!)

One Response

  1. You are all terrible stupid people. How you think your message is that of justice and peace is beyond me, and many others. You always speak so poorly of the”oppressive government” yet I’m sure you take every handout that is afforded to you by that same government. You say you hate this country but then hide behind its laws and ammendments when trouble comes your way. It is people like you that need to pack up and try living in a country with no government. Beautiful countries like Somalia. My guess is after about thirty seconds in a place like that you’d be begging to come back.

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