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McKinney/Clemente Update 9/3/08

Hello Powerful People:

Welcome to the 14th issue of the Power to the People Committee,
Cynthia McKinney / Rosa Clemente Campaign Update.

— Host Your Own “Road to the White House” Houseparty —

Cynthia McKinney is scheduled to appear on Road to the White House, scheduled to air on on CSPAN-1, Sunday, September 7 at 6:30 pm EST and again at 9:30 pm EST that same night.

This provides us with a unique opportunity to hold fundraising house parties with voters all across this country.

Every McKinney-Clemente ticket supporter with cable tv and chairs is urged to invite your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family to watch the show, discuss the issues and the campaign, to pledge their volunteer support and to make a financial contribution to the McKinney-Clemente campaign.

Those with computers and an internet connection can capture online donations right there in your home, or for check writers, please use the contribution form provided below to document donations for FEC compliance.


Road to the White House repeats three hours later. You could even schedule your house party in shifts, an early and a late crowd.

— Ballot Access —

Our final ballot access deadlines (in Vermont and Kentucky) come this and next week. We’ll soon know where we are on and where we are running as a write-in. Next we move into the General Election phase of our campaign, demanding Cynthia and Rosa a place in the debates, identifying our supporters and preparing for our Get out the vote efforts in late October. Watch next week’s issue for details on how we’ve done.

This week we learned of our Court victory in Ohio, and in the yesterday morning Cynthia filed in Utah. We already have ballot lines in 25 states, enough to win the electoral college if our candidates win the popular vote in all or most of them. We are days away from securing ballot lines in another seven states, bringing our total to thirty-two. We also have write-in status in seven other states, with paperwork still under way in another eight states (and territories).

Already we have fulfilled all requirements in twenty-five states, including: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Deleware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Washington DC and West Virginia.

Our ballot access paperwork is still in process in another seven states including: Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, Wisconsin and Virginia.

The write-in States include: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas and Wyoming.

And write-in paperwork is still in process in: American Samoa, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

For the moment we are still working to put together the filing fees necesary to obtain a couple more ballot lines. If you can contribute to this effort, please do so here:


— Campaign Visibility —

Speaking in Detroit last weekend, Cynthia contrasted standard set for impeachment by each of the corporate parties with that she espouses (through her introduction of H. Res 1106 in the 109th Congress).


Rosa Clemente took the stage at events in St. Paul surrounding the RNC, speaking at multiple events, including the Open Debates Rally. As one example, see:


The “Some of All Parts” has released its new music video, “Run (An Historical Moment)”. Sampling the acceptance speeches of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, this song is interwoven with inspiring lyrics about our collective aspirations. This song offers an opportunity to help spread the word about this important campaign. Please share this broadly.


Rosa and Cynthia both attended and spoke at the Hip-Hop Political Convention in Las Vegas Nevada. The Final Call covered the story:


“It’s time to move from protest to resistance,” Cynthia said at a speech in Durham, North Carolina. Matt Salda=F1a covered the event for commondreams.org.


The Huffington Post gives Cynthia credit for acknowledging the issue of depleted uranium, which members of the Democratic and Republican parties have dodged.


Cynthia sums up her energy plan by saying “Leave the oil in the soil” in an article by Kate Sheppard.


Cynthia sums up the events of recent campaign stops she has made.


The campaign is now sorting through scheduling requests for September and October. If Cynthia has not been to your state yet, and you’d like to host her for a campaign fundraiser, now is the time to make your request known. Please use the form at:


— Help Wanted —

Your volunteer time, skills and energy Power this Campaign.

To jump into the mix, please complete this form, so we know how you’d like to help. Depending on how you mark the form, you’ll hear from your state volunteer coordinator, or directly from the national campaign by email and / or phone to let you know how you can get involved.


  • Join Our Phone Bank Team

Seeking enthusiastic supporters with good verbal communication skills and telephone presence to help staff our growing Virtual Phone Bank operation now being launched by the campaign. No cold take-out pizza or loud boiler rooms involved. You can pick your hours, work at home and are asked to provide your own unlimited long distance calling plan and internet connection. We provide a web application to access our database of voters and in which you can directly record your notes while you are on the call. We also provide call scripts, training and support and the number to our campaign offices where you can direct questions you are not prepared to handle yourself. Phone bank jobs will vary from cold calling voter lists to conduct voterID work, to reconnecting with known supporters to mobilze volunteers and raise contributions, to conducting GOTV calls in the final days of this campaign. If you are ready to jump into this campaign, drop an email with your name, email address, phone number and state to phone-bank@runcynthiarun.org.

  • Make our campaign visible in your community

Please use the campaign materials linked from our campaign website, to make your candidates and their campaign visible in your community. We can’t build this campaign in your community without your help.


  • Make Sure We Are Communicating with Your Local Media

Help us identify important media contacts in your community. Please make it known to your local media outlets that you support the McKinney-Clemente campaign. Direct them to the campaign web site, where interested parties can fill out a Media Request form to arrange for interviews, radio call-ins and subscriptions to our VNR feed. Also, please share your local media list with our press secretary by sending it to him at press-secretary@runcynthiarun.org.

  • Sunday Evening 10k Club

Our Sunday Evening 10k Club continues! The goal is for supporters around the country to hold 10 house parties every Sunday, raising campaign contributions from each location.

Hosting a house party is easy; it requires no prior experience and the campaign will work closely with hosts. If you are interested in hosting a house party, please let us know by completing our volunteer form, linked above.

— A Tribute to a Former Colleague —

The Power to the People campaign mourns the loss of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones. A Representative from Cleveland and its suburbs since the retirement of progressive icon Louis Stokes in 1998, Tubbs Jones was a rare trustworthy politician in a system full of crooks. She and Cynthia collaborated in the objection to the certification of Ohio’s electoral votes in the 2004 Presidential election. Our thoughts are with her family and the citizens of Ohio’s 11th district, and it is our hope that Tubbs Jones’ successor is as dedicated to serving the American people as she was.

— Joining our Updates list —

To all new readers, thank you for subscribing to the Power to the People Committee Campaign Updates. To all readers, new or otherwise, please encourage your friends and family to join the campaign by sending them this link:


Or they can access the subscription form from the campaign web site.

Until next week,
— The Campaign Team

Paid for by the
Power to the People Committee,
Cynthia McKinney for President

One Response

  1. There is no issue to dodge; there are fanatics who continue lies from 1992! Ever stop to think that Cynthia has bought into a myth that started as a propaganda campaign by Saddam Hussein’s government when he wanted out from under the UN Sanctions that ended the Gulf War. I am rather surprised that the Huffington Post even commented since they usually are not into posting myths.

    “The Huffington Post gives Cynthia credit for acknowledging the issue of depleted uranium, which members of the Democratic and Republican parties have dodged.”

    Glad that Obama has not bought into this lie upon lie issue. There is no “depleted uranium” issue. Too bad that Cynthia is not scientifically smart enough to know that!


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