Green Party Prez Candidate Cynthia McKinney in NYC for Sept. 11th


At 2pm on 9/11/08 there will be a Press Conference with William Pepper, William Rodriguez, and Cynthia McKinney.  St. Marks Church, 2nd Ave. & 10th Street, Manhattan.

Cynthia McKinney will be part of various events surrounding the 9-11 truth movement announcing the filing of 30,000 petitions asking for a new and better investigation of what happened on September 11th.

Also: A vigil at Judson Memorial Church 5pm vigil start/around 6pm Cynthia McKinney presents; A possible evening event with the group “Buzzer Thirty”, but at a different locale then their usual.



Just confirmed that Cynthia McKinney’s votetruth08 web-site states (with no details yet) that Cynthia McKinney “will be in NY” on September 11th. Hope people will free up their calendars for a chance to see her.

I went to a Suffolk Peace Network meeting last night and heard from another green that he heard Cynthia McKinney would be in New York on September 11th. Since McCain and Obama are planning to be at Ground Zero, we guess that Cynthia will do something in the city?

On Wed, there is a planned campaign meeting at the Brecht Forum in NYC. Wonder if the candidate might also be appearing there? But, it is pure speculation and wishful thinking on my part.

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