Where to go for Suffolk County Primary Results

Update: September 2010 primary results are at the Suffolk Boe: here.
Note: There are problems with the new voting machines. Be sure to go early to vote!


Update: September 2009 primary results are at the Suffolk BOE: here.

If you want results from today’s Republican and Democratic primaries in Suffolk County, you should be able to find them here at the Board of Elections website.

For the 2008 Primaries, the winners were all the usual suspects:

NY State Senate, 4th District: Tanya Gilliard (the party-supported candidate) She beat out insurgent candidate Jim McDonald.

6th NY State Assembly, 6th District: Incumbent Phil Ramos won the primary over Waldo Cabrera.

Congress, 3rd District: Incumbent Peter King won over challenger Robert Previdi.

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