Sad News: Peter Camejo died this morning 9/13/08

Peter Camejo died this morning, September 13, 2008.  Camejo was three times the Green Party of California’s Governor candidate. He was also a leader in the national Green Party.

Peter Camejo

Peter Camejo

Dear Friends,

We are very sorry to bring the following message from Peter’s family to you.


It is with great sadness and regret that we have to inform you that Peter Camejo died this morning.  Peter decided that he would be more comfortable at home,  and the doctors agreed. Arrangements were made, and ultimately Peter returned home yesterday.

Peter’s health had declined rapidly over the last two days due to the aggressiveness of his cancer and the strength of the drugs used to combat his disease.  His wife was at his side when he passed peacefully this morning.

Peter is survived by his wife Morella, his daughter Alexandra, his son  Victor, three brothers Antonio, Daniel, and Danny, and three grandchildren Andrew and Daniel and Oliver.

Arrangements and memorial services will be announced at a later date. As a courtesy, the family requests that there be no calls at this time.

The Camejo Family

The family is planning private funeral services. A public memorial will be held in late fall or winter. Peter had discussed plans for his memorial with Claudette Begin and asked her to organize it. She will obviously need to be in contact with the many people he has been in touch with and affected over the years, and will
welcome your help. She can be reached at achis at igc dot org

People are invited to send hard copy reminiscences of Peter to be included at the memorial. Please send these to his brother Dan Ratner, The Camejo Group, 520  Third St., Ste. 201,Oakland, CA 94607-3505.

Claudette Begin & Alex Chis
P.O. Box 2944
Fremont, CA 94536-0944
Phone: 510-489-8554
Email: achis at igc dot org

Peter Camejo, social justice activist and Green Party gubernatorial candidate, dies at his Folsom home Saturday after long bout with cancer

Peter Camejo, three-time Green Party candidate for Governor and 2004 running mate with Ralph Nader in his independent run for President, died Saturday morning here at his home, just a few miles from the State Capitol. Mr. Camejo was 68.

Mr. Camejo died after a long bout with an especially virulent form of lymphoma. He had recently returned home after his health had declined rapidly over the last few days because of the “aggressiveness of his cancer and strength of the drugs used to combat the disease,” according to a statement issued by his family.

The following statement was issued on behalf of the Green Party of California by Mike Wyman, 2006 Green Party candidate for Attorney General:

“The Green Party of California is honored to have had Peter carry our standard in the recall and two gubernatorial elections, and to work with him as a national progressive candidate for the vice presidency with Ralph Nader. We join with the Camejo family in their grief and mourn for the passing of a truly unique and exemplary individual. He will be sorely missed by us all. Peter Camejo was a man of great passion and boundless compassion for the poor, uninsured workers and for immigrant workers in their struggle for justice and legalization. He became a leader in the environmental justice movement and helped organized communities of color around environmental issues that affected them directly.”

Mr. Camejo was the Green Party candidate for Governor in 2002, 2003 (the recall) and 2006. He received 5.3 percent of the vote in 2002 and in 2003’s recall election finished fourth of the 135 candidates. He was also the Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate in 1967. Mr. Camejo was also a leader in the Free Speech Movement in the 1960s at UC Berkeley, and fought for social justice on a number of fronts.

Mr. Camejo was born in the U.S. and raised in Venezuela. He was on the 1960 Venezuelan Olympics team, and was a socially responsible investment planner. Mr. Camejo is survived by his wife Morella, daughter Alexandra, son Victor, three brothers Antonio, Daniel and Danny and three grandchildren Andrew, Daniel and Oliver.

Arrangements and memorial services are pending.


Kimberly: Below is a photo gallery from the 2004 Green Party of the United States Convention in Milwaukee. Peter Camejo was a leader and friend to the Green Party. Peter Camejo donated to my local Green Party campaign for State Senate years ago. Peter and I also exchanged a few e-mails about his vision for the Latino Caucus. There will be a big change in the Green community, because Peter Camejo was an advisor and friend to many people from many points of view, corresponding and caring even as he was sick.

Peter Camejo at the 2004 GP-US convention

Peter Camejo at the 2004 GP-US convention

Peter Camejo and two green fans

2004 Convention: Peter Camejo and two green fans

We want Nader/Camejo

2004 GP-US Campaign: We want Nader/Camejo

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