Guileful Democrats: Calling out the Democrats on off-shore drilling

Update: They did it. The Democrats put the clock back decades, and lifted a ban on off-shore drilling. Story at San Francisco Chronicle here.

Wow! In the past, the coverage and fairness to the Green Party has been mixed on Common Dreams. Though, I think that they are waking up. First, there is a story about the Democrats and offshore drilling that Common Dreams posted, but they put their own headline on of  “Guileful Democrats Prepare To Weaken Offshore Drilling Ban”. Wow! They are starting to see the world like a third party activist!

Also, in what I see related, is that have a very nice photo and story about the loss of Peter Camejo, a Green Party leader. Hurrah for Common Dreams!

from Common Dreams
(With the headline Guileful Democrats Prepare To Weaken Offshore Drilling Ban)
Published on Monday, September 15, 2008
(excerpt here from) The Washington Post
Offshore Drilling Is Coming to a Vote, Democrats to Offer a Mix of Proposals
by Paul Kane

WASHINGTON – Congressional Democrats, balancing political reality against a policy they have long opposed, are on the cusp of approving legislation that would open the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to oil drilling as close as 50 miles offshore.

With votes scheduled this week in the House and Senate, Democrats have essentially given up defending the current ban on drilling within 200 miles offshore along both coasts. Instead, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), they are offering a mix of proposals that would allow drilling, with the waters off Massachusetts, Virginia and Georgia most likely to be the first affected.

from Common Dreams
Published on Monday, September 15, 2008
(excerpt from) The San Francisco Chronicle
Peter Camejo Dies – Helped Found Green Party

by Rachel Gordon

Third-party political activist Peter Camejo, a perennial candidate for state and national office who helped pioneer the financial market niche of socially responsible investments, died Saturday. He was 68.

He helped found the California Green Party in 1991 and ran three times for governor of California…

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