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[This survey gives you the opportunity to vote for a 1st and 2nd choice for president.  As someone who supports Instant Runoff voting, I like the idea that they moved away from plurality winner-take-all voting.  As a supporter of the third party movement, I would suggest that both your choices be non-corporately controlled third party candidates.  McKinney first, of course.]

Cynthia McKinney’s page on

Presidential Endorsement Survey is going to endorse a candidate for president — and we want your input!

We are a federal political action committee — a PAC. We formed the PAC to be able to endorse candidates who we think will help us carry out our goals, and to leverage our power as independents.

Here’s What You Told Us In The Last Survey: You’re looking for a strong leader who will fight to change how
politics is done.

You want someone who will end the war in Iraq, tackle the economic issues we face, provide health care for all, and create energy independence.

You want someone who will create an environment where “we the people” can help create policies that benefit the country – not the special interests.

Tell us what you think and which candidate do you think will best move America forward!
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