Sarah Palin: Today let them eat cake…but, let them dream about winning next time.

Wilderside comments on the full debate are: here.

As for the $700 billion bailout package that the House shot down once but is expected to take up again today, Palin called for the “Joe Six-packs” and “hockey moms” of the nation to join together in the future.

“I think we need to band together and say never again,”
Palin said.

Above is a quote from tonight’s debate as written up in the Daily News.

What does the quote mean to you?

To me it means: The bailout is wrong. It admittedly hurts the average American, and hurts Soccer moms. But, we average Americans have to take it this time. (Why? because we are losing? because this time is a “crisis”? because both corporate candidates need to do this to pay back their lobbyists?).

What Sarah Palin is really saying is: YOU average Americans have to take it this time, and YOU will take it (we have counted the votes.) But, next time…next time, why don’t you little people have hope that next time you can have a backbone and next time maybe you can win and get your government to do what you ask

That is what Sarah Palin’s quote means to me.

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