Stop Trump! Demonstration, Tuesday, October 7th!

Fellow Environmentalists, Greens, Friends:
An important demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday, 6:30PM, October 7th, to voice Long Island’s opposition to the construction of the Trump restaurant/catering hall/souvenir shop, etc. at Jones Beach. The demonstration will be at the Caroline G. Atkinston School, 58 West Seaman Avenue, Freeport, NY.
Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo is scheduled to speak at the school at about 7PM, and we need to let him know in no uncertain terms that Trump’s plans for Jones Beach are not appreciated here on Long Island–our premier ocean beach and state park should not be overdeveloped according to Trump’s glitzy ideas!  A small restaurant for the people is fine, but a huge, sprawling, over-blown facility designed for the wealthy does not echo Robert Moses’ vision for a public park.So far Mr. Cuomo has not answered our demand that the Trump backroom deal, dating back to the final days of the Pataki administration, be investigated. We seek an answer, and justice, from the attorney general.
Come out and demonstrate on October 7th, to save Jones Beach!
Mr. Cuomo will be addressing the public at 7PM inside the school. If you plan on attending the public meeting inside as well, the Attorney General asks that you RSVP at 516-248-3316.
Any questions regarding the demonstration can be addressed to me or Pat Friedman. My phone number appears below, Pat’s number is 516-582-5838. I hope to see you all there–bring your enthusiasm, and your friends! All the best!

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