Who lost the debate last night? (And, who won?)

The American people lost. Because important voices were left out, including four other candidates who could possibly win in the electoral college: Cynthia McKinney/Green Party, Ralph Nader/independent, Chuck Baldwin/Constitution, and Bob Barr/Libertarian.

But, okay, for those of you who care about the two party corporate duopoly:

From The Guardian UK:

Latest polls

A snap CBS poll of uncommitted voters handed the debate to Obama: 40% said he won, 26% said McCain won, and 34% thought it was a draw. CNN’s similar poll found 54% of people thought Obama won, compared to 30% for McCain. Gallup’s daily tracking poll – not including post-debate data, obviously – puts Obama at 51% and McCain at 42%, a one-point improvement for Obama compared to yesterday.

So, the American people lost the debate. And, Barack Obama kinda won the debate.

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