Picture of Presidential Ballot in NY State

2012 Update:

2012 Presidential Candidates(in New York)  for 2012 are listed and discussed at our new post: here


2008 Announcement:Please come back to onthewilderside.com on Tuesday, Nov 4th, 2008 starting at 8pm. We are going to have live blogging of “Alternative Election Night Coverage”. Details are here.

NY State 2008 Presidential Ballot

Listing in text of the ballot.

Written as:
Presidential Candidate (Party)
VP Candidate

ROW 1-A: Barack Obama (Democratic)
Joe Biden

ROW 1-B: John McCain (Republican)
Sarah Palin

ROW1-C: John McCain (Independence)
Sarah Palin

ROW1-D: John McCain (Conservative)
Sarah Palin

ROW1-E: Barack Obama (Working Families)
Joe Biden

ROW1-F: Roger Calero (Socialist Workers)
Alyson Kennedy

ROW1-G: Gloria LaRiva (Socialism & Liberation)
Eugene Puryear

ROW1-H: Cynthia McKinney (Green)
Rosa Clemente

ROW1-I: Bob Barr (Libertarian)
Wayne A Root

ROW2-I: Ralph Nader (Populist)
Matt Gonzalez

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