peace demo at hofstra

it is about 5:40 pm. there are about 200 or so people in the free speech zone and much more than that stretched out on the sidewalk across from hofstra. some groups scene: a few greens with mckinney signs , at least 3 sets of green camarades not showing green/mckinney signs, some obama people, several vendors selling obama stuff, some well funded and t-shirted “clean coal” leafletters, and a large group of young people with tshirts and buttons for green jobs. that is the 350 stop global warming people. a lot of them. we are away from crowd now. I think the people from train station had not arrived. mac bica of li veterans for peace spoke at public area to good audience. he spoke boldly against both iraq and afghanistan war. I did not hear all of charlotte koons speech, but she explained the peoples petition. I speak at 7:10.

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