Newsday reports on veterans trampled at Hofstra Debate demo

(For an eye-witness account and for how to support the demonstrators and veterans who were arrested, go:here.)

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I am thankful that Newsday at least reported on the story of the demonstrators and veterans who were abused by police when trying to express their viewpoints at the scene of a political debate. Though, Newsday’s story is extra favorable to the police, and inserts the police’s defense too smoothly into the plot line.

It is also wonderful to note that because of their bravery, the veterans who were for peace got the point across. Though the organizers of the main peace demonstration at Hofstra did not make the demand to be against the Afghanistan War, the veterans made that demand. And, since the veterans went to the front gate, and made the demands against both wars, the issue of both wars received coverage in Newsday. Bravo!

(excerpt from)
NYCLU seeks probe into protest melee at Hofstra debate
October 17, 2008

A day after an anti-war protester was injured in a melee with Nassau police outside the Hofstra presidential debate, the New York Civil Liberties Union called for the department to conduct an investigation into its use of horses to control the crowd…

The melee happened when police refused to allow a protest group, Iraq Veterans Against the War, into the debate. Mounted police pushed a group of about 200 protesters from various organizations away from the gates…[Nicholas] Morgan, 24, an Iraq War veteran, was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured cheekbone…

About 350 protesters, mostly voicing opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, gathered outside Hofstra’s gates hours before the debate started. Most stood to the side, waving signs and shouting slogans…

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