Another Reason to Vote for McKinney instead of Obama or McCain in NY

The statistics below from show that a vote for mcCain or Obama in New York is a wasted vote.  Vote for a candidate instead who represents what you believe so that who ever is president they know there is a constituency to answer to.  Candidates only care about votes and dollars, sending them petitions, letter and emails never sway their votes.

  • New York: Obama is leading McCain 57 percent to 37 percent with 2 percent choosing “other” and 4 percent undecided in a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted Oct. 14. A SurveyUSA poll conducted Oct. 11-12 had Obama ahead 64 percent to 31 percent with 4 percent preferring someone else and 1 percent undecided. A Siena Research Institute poll conducted Sept. 28-30 had Obama leading 58 percent to 36 percent with 6 percent expressing no opinion. The margin of error was 3.9 percent. In its September poll, Siena had McCain within 5 points. More than half of New Yorkers have an unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin. Democrats have carried all five of the last presidential elections here with the only one where a Republican was in shouting distance was 1988 when Michael Dukakis beat George Bush by about 4 points. Safe Democrat.

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