The Exaltation of a Vote for McKinney & Clemente

from Green Party Watch

Two weeks ago a friend called me up to tell me that she had just voted early for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente and she was so overjoyed she had to call someone and tell them (and she knew I would answer my phone).

Last week my mother-in-law in Iowa, who is not very political and has likely voted Republican most of her life, called us with some “big news”, she was excited. She called to say that she “Voted Green Party for the first time ever, and it felt great!”

Early voting in my city has involved two hour waits, but this morning I had no wait at the polls (I guess everyone voted early) and got my ballot in minutes. Yes, there was a sense of exaltation to cast my vote for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. No doubts, no second thoughts, no throwing my vote away. Voting your values just feels good.

Listening to the intoxicating Easy Anthems album.  It’s like one of those R.E.M. albums that you don’t get at first because it’s so beautiful and brilliantly original, then on a second listen the songs come on like the most scrumptious banquette you’ve ever attended.  Phi Jimenez is an under-appreciated genius of a producer who crafts an album like Michelangelo sculpts. Vanessa Jimenez’ voice must be heard.  Catch them at the Blender Theater on 11/10/08 for a show that will be raw fun. – ISW

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